Appreciation Calculator: Step-by-Step Guide

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The Appreciation Calculator quantifies the opportunity in purchasing a home for your customer in any market that you’d like to choose. To get started, follow the steps below to enter the details of your housing scenario:

1. Enter your Client's Name(s) using commas to separate names.

2. Under Location, enter an address, city, county, or ZIP code and select an option from the dropdown.

3. Within the Price field, add the home's purchase price.

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4. In the Down Payment field, type or select an amount from the pop-out window.

5. Enter an amount for Closing Costs or click Use worksheet to calculate closing costs.

6. Select up to two Appreciation Calculations you would like to appear on the final report. You can choose MBS Highway's forecasted appreciation, historical appreciation or enter a custom appreciation rate. 

7. Click Calculate to generate a preview of the report.

8. Use the purple toggle bar to set the number of years for appreciation. You can choose between 1 to 15 years. 

9 . You can uncheck the respective checkboxes below to remove an appreciation forecast line from the chart below.

10. Click Edit under Client in order to change the client's name. Click Save once your edit is complete.

11. Click Edit under Property to change the home's address, purchase price, down payment, closing costs, and forecasted appreciation. Click Save once you make your edits.

12. To add a referral partner's co-branding, click Add.

13. Select an agent from the drop-down menu and choose how you would like their co-branding to be displayed (left or right).  Click Save.

  • If the agent's co-branding is not saved and available in the drop-down, click +Add new co-branding partner.

14. You can add a photo of the home for the header to further customize the report by clicking Change.

15. Click Upload to add a photo from your computer.

16. Click Save.

17. Click Review report to generate your client facing report.

18. Click Edit to go back to the previous page where you can edit client name, property information and add an agent's co-branding.

19. Click Share to see the options for sharing the report.

  • Click Send to share the report via email.
  • Click Record Video to record a video of the report that you can share with a client.
  • Click Host a meeting to start a meeting where you can share the report live with your client.
  • Click Download to download the report as a PDF or PNG image file.



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