Bid Over Asking Price: What’s Inside

Bid Over Asking Price will give your clients a clear understanding of how many months it will take them to recoup any costs they used to bid over the asking price, and how the home will continue to appreciate over time. To learn how to create your report, click here


#1 This image defaults to a map picture, however you can update this to your own picture. Simply click the image, click Upload and choose a photo from your computer. Once you make your selection, click Save.


#2  You will find the estimated total number of months it will take for the value of your client’s new home to exceed their bid. For example, if I bid over $20,000, our calculator will determine how long it will take for me to recoup my $20,000 through appreciation which in the scenario shown above, is 17 months. 


#3 This section gives your client an estimate of the home's value in 5 years, using our forecasted appreciation rates. Unlike historical data, which uses average past gains, forecasted appreciation is calculated monthly while respecting natural seasonal buying cycles. Historical appreciation figures are included for comparison.


#4 This section shows the estimated cumulative gain over 5 years. Below this gain, you’ll see our estimated appreciation forecast for 1 and 5 years as well as an average annual gain based on historical appreciation.



#5 This graph shows you the estimated cumulative gain per year in both percentage and dollar amount. A vertical dashed line marks the break-even point, with a box above it showing how many months are left until the home's value is expected to surpass the total bid amount.

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