Actions Center: Migrate Scenario, Save, Share, and Export

The action center provides up to five different tabs to help enhance your experience with the tools in MBS Highway. You can find the Actions Center on the right side of the page. Hover over the button to expand the selection and see the name:

Please keep in mind, not all five tabs are available on every tool.

  1. Migrate Scenario 
    1. The Migrate Scenario tab lets you move information from the current tool to a new one.
  2. Save & Share
    1. The Save & Share tab lets you save the current report to the Client Manager, share the tool with your client and migrate to a different tool.
  3. Export
    • The Export button lets you download the report or email it out to a client.
      • Click the Export tab.
      • Add a Co-Brand Partner from the drop down menu (optional).
      • Choose if you would like your header to be on the left or right on the top of the report. Your company logo OR co-brand partner’s header will be listed next to yours.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 5.15.42 PM.png 

      • Select the language you would like the report to be in.
      • Click Continue.
      • Click on one of the three options available to export the file: 
        • Download PDF
        • Download IMG
        • Email Me PDF
  1. Quick Tools
    • The Quick Tools tab lets you quickly access our Retirement, Payment, and Reinvestment calculators.
  2. Help
    • This button will open a help video explaining how to use the tool you’re currently on.


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