House Price Index Map: Step-by-Step Guide

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A State House Price Index (State HPI) is a tool that tracks changes in residential property prices within a specific state. It helps assess the health of the local housing market, which can be valuable for making lending decisions and understanding market conditions that may impact borrowers' ability to repay loans. A rising State HPI generally indicates an appreciating market, while a declining index may signal potential risks. This map shows the change in state house price indexes.


  1. Select Quarter to see the quarterly average, 1 Year to see the previous yearly average, 5 Years to see the previous 5 year average, and Since 1991 to see the average cumulative appreciation since 1991 in each state.

  1. Click on a state to view an appreciation chart for that area. 
  2. To export the chart, click Export on the bottom left of the chart.

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