Speed Meeting: Host a Meeting Step-by-Step Guide

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MBS Highway makes it easy for you to host a live meeting and review the personalized information you've prepared for your clients using our tools or reports -- directly through the application.

Please note: Speed Meeting is currently optimized for your desktop experience. You may experience less than ideal performance when using mobile devices.

Hosting a Highway Meeting

Navigate to Highway Meeting. From here, you can begin your live meeting:

  1. Click on the Host a meeting button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Select how you would like to begin the meeting: Video Off, Video On or Screen Share on. You can toggle these options on or off during the meeting as well.
    • If you select Screen Share, choose which tab, window or screen you would like to share. 
  3. Invite your client to join the meeting by typing your client’s name as you would like it to appear in the meeting room in the Client Name field.
  4. Type your client’s email address. 
  5. Click Send to send them an email with a link to the meeting. A second email will follow after they click on the link containing a passcode to join the meeting (these come in separate emails for security purposes).

Navigating the Meeting Controls Pop-up Window

The Meeting Controls pop-up window gives you the ability to change your microphone and video inputs, select the screen you are sharing, and end the meeting. See the numbered explanations below:



  1. Microphone Input - Click the down arrow to reveal the input menu. Select which microphone you would like to use for the meeting. 
  2. Video Input - Click the down arrow to select or deselect the video input. This will hide and share your camera from your client. 
  3. Screen Share - Click the screen icon to choose what web browser tab, window or screen you would like to share using the tabs at the top of the window. Once you select what you would like to share, click Share in the bottom right of the window. 

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  1. End  - Click End to end the meeting. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm you would like to end the meeting. Click End meeting to confirm or Cancel to continue hosting.

Please Note: This selection screen is generated by your internet browser, and appears in the tab that is hosting the meeting, indicated by a red dot and red circle on the browser tab.


To learn about Highway Record, check out the next article.


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