Investment Property: What's Inside

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Keep reading to learn more about what can be found inside the Investment Property report.

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  1. At the top of the report is the total monthly cash flow in year 1 and the cumulative cash flow through year 10. 
    • This number can be edited in the Home Ownership tab (Maximum of 10 years). 
  2. The Cumulative Cash on Cash Return is shown below. This measures the total profit earned from an investment over time, factoring in both the money invested and the annual returns generated.
  3. Estimated Annual Cash Flow provides a more detailed cash flow breakdown over the next 10 years. The breakdown shows the rental income, expenses, total cash flow and cash on cash return each year. The expenses are broken down in principal and interest, property taxes and insurance, maintenance and repairs, HOA and property management fees. 
  4. The yearly cash flow and return is shown in the chart below followed by the total appreciation and amortization gained.

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  1. A full breakdown of the total return on investment is shown below. The breakdown shows the gross revenue (rental income + appreciation), expenses, profit, amount invested (down payment + renovation costs), return on investment and average annual compounded return.
  2. The annual total return on investment is shown on the following chart.

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