LTV Analyzer: Step-by-Step Guide

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The LTV Analyzer helps you and your client estimate their LTV and cash position on a previous transaction to see if it meets your LTV target. 

  1. Enter the original purchase price and home value
  2. Enter the purchase year and month.
  3. Click the down arrow.

  1. Select the current state from the dropdown or click Use Smart Search to search by #MLS, address, county or zip code.
  2. We will automatically calculate the current estimated home value. You can edit this field. 
    • The chart to the right displays the estimated appreciation of the home from the purchase date until now.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Under Original Loan Info, select if your customer has refinanced by clicking Yes or No
    • If Yes, you will have to select the refinance year and month from the dropdowns. 

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  1. Enter the original loan information under Original Loan Info
  2. Fill out the loan amount, term, loan program, loan type, rate and monthly mortgage insurance. 
  3. Click Continue. The estimated remaining loan balance will be displayed under the original loan information. 
  4. Fill out the new loan information under New Loan Info.
  5. Fill out the LTV target, loan amount (this will be automatically filled in but can be edited) term, loan program, loan type, rate, monthly mortgage insurance, and refinance charges (excludes prepaids and escrows).
  6. Select if you’re including refinance charges in the loan.
  7. Click Calculate.

The loan details will be summarized for both the original loan and the new loan. Go to the next article to learn more about your LTV Analyzer's results.



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