MBe$timate: What's Inside

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MBe$timate provides your clients with an estimate on their property's value as well as key insights about their neighborhood.


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  1. A satellite view of the property and the neighborhood, with an estimated value of each property in the area.
  2. The current estimated home value and a price range. To the right is the Value Confidence rating, which indicates how confident the data provider is with their estimate based on various factors.
  3. In-depth property details for the home, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living area and estimated value. Below this is the value history over the last eight quarters. Sales history for this home is displayed to the right.
    • Under Value History, you can make adjustments to three categories using the Adjust Value button
      • Property Details:  The user may adjust all the values that appear in the Property Details.  Adjustments in this section do not affect the valuation.
      • Renovations, Upgrades and Other Adjustments: The user may enter up to three custom adjustments.  Values will be added to the estimate to create an Adjusted Estimate.
      • Public Record Adjustments:  The user may adjust the Living Area.  The tool will automatically create an Adjusted Estimate based on the new Living Area size.
    • When finished, click the Apply Adjustment button.  The Adjusted Estimate will appear above.


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  1. Recent Sales shows us up to ten different comps in the area with specific details for each property as well as the price each home was last sold for. 

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  1. The Local Market Snapshot shows the current value of the home and a price range for the address.
  2. The average single family home price, price per square foot and number of properties sold in this area over the last ten years is shown in these three charts. Each chart is broken down by quarter. 

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