Realtor Marketing: Step-by-Step Guide


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The Realtor Marketing Kit is a powerful campaign that gives you the ability to share sample, co-branded assets.

  1. Under Email Information enter the agent’s name and email address.
  2. Select a sample item you would like to send using the drop down. You can choose:
    • Cost of Waiting
    • Buy vs. Rent
    • Real Estate Report Card
    • Open House
    • Marketing Kit
    • Full Suite
  3. You may need to provide additional information such as the location, property price and interest rate to use certain marketing pieces. 
  4. Select if the recipient is a Cold Contact, (someone you do not know). 
    • If you select Yes for Cold Contact, the email will include an introduction. 
  5. Click Preview Email & Sample to view the email and the piece that you’re sending to the agent.
  6. Choose to send the email directly to the real estate agent or to your inbox for editing using the drop down below:

  1. Click Send Email to send the email and assets.



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