Appreciation Calculator: What's Inside


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What is Being Shown in the Charts? 

Once you enter the inputs for the Appreciation Calculator, you be presented with three different charts:

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1. On the left hand side of the page, you will find a map showing the general location, Graph Legend, the inputs you provided under Your Scenario and an Overview that includes the average appreciation (APPR) and Return on Investment (ROI) per year for the different appreciation types you selected.


2. Appreciation after X Years: this chart shows the amount of appreciation gained over time. This information is based on the information entered above. 


3. Cumulative Appreciation after Closing Costs: this chart breaks down the total amount of appreciation gained each year after closing costs.


4. % Return on Investment with X% Down: this chart expresses the cumulative appreciation from the chart above as a percentage of the down payment, showing the cumulative return on the initial investment.

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