Appreciation Calculator: Step-by-Step Guide

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The Appreciation Calculator quantifies the opportunity in purchasing a home for your customer in any market that you’d like to choose. To get started, follow the steps below to enter the details of your housing scenario:

  1. Enter a location: #MLS, Address, County or Zip code. Then click the green search button. If the location is found, it will automatically populate below.  If there are multiple results found, you will need to select from the dropdown. 
    • Important Note: You must click the green magnifying glass to verify the location. If you do not verify the location using the magnifying glass, the report will not generate.  
    • You can also use the Classic Dropdowns to choose a state and county instead. Simply click the Use Classic Dropdowns above the search bar to toggle to this search feature. 



  1. The Starting Home Price will pre-populate based on the location, however you can edit this field if you need to make an adjustment. 
  2. Fill out the percentage your customer is going to put down under % Down
  3. Next, enter the Closing Costs.
  4. You will then fill out the Amount of Years to review, (this will show you the appreciation over the number of years you input).
  5. Select your appreciation types: Custom, Forecast and Historical.
    • If selecting Custom, you will need to enter a percentage in the Your Custom Rate box. 
    • Forecast and Historical Appreciation will be automatically calculated for you.
  6. Once you are happy with your selections, click Calculate.

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