Loan Comparison: Using the Closing Costs Worksheet

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You can create, save, and load closing cost worksheets on the fly when creating your loan scenarios. To add your closing costs using a worksheet, simply follow the steps below:


Creating a New Worksheet

  1. Click the Use worksheet link that appears next to “Closing Costs.” 


  1. Give your worksheet a unique name.
  2. Click on each section to expand the list of fees and enter the appropriate amounts. 
    1. Each fee can be entered as a dollar amount or as a percentage of the purchase price or loan amount, as desired.  
    2. A checkbox titled “Include in APR” appears under each fee. Checking this box will include the fee in the APR costs of the loan.
    3. Don’t see the fee you need? Each section allows for custom fees as well! Simply click the + Add fee button at the bottom of the desired section to create a new fee with the name and amount of your choosing.

When finished, click the Save button. To start over, scroll down and click the Clear form link that appears at the bottom.


How to Load a Saved Worksheet

  1. Click the Use Worksheet button next to “Closing Costs”.
  2. Select Saved Worksheets at the top of the window.
  3. Click Update to update your loan scenario with the saved worksheet.

➥ The Closing Cost Worksheets also include fields to enter a Lender Credit or Seller Credit.  The Lender Credit field can be found under the “Lender” heading while the Seller Credit field can be found under the “Other” heading.


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