Loan Comparison: Review, Share, Record, or go Live with Speed Meeting

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Once you've created the different loan options for your customer, it’s time to review and share your report. Simply click the Review report button in the top right hand corner of the page. This is where you can record, share live, email or download the report for your client. 


How to Record a Video of your Loan Comparison Report

Utilize the Record a Video feature to capture a screen share of the report, enabling your client to watch it at their convenience. 



  1. Click Record a video in the bottom right corner of the page or click  Share>Add Video in the top right hand corner of  the page.
  2. You will be prompted to turn on your webcam and show your screen – both are optional. 
  3. When you’re ready to record, click Start Recording.
  4. Once you are finished, click the red square button at the bottom of the window to end the recording.  

  1. A window will then appear where you can preview the video, add a custom message and provide the email addresses of the intended recipients (up to four). 

How to go Live with Speed Meeting



  1. Click Start Meeting in the bottom right corner of the page. 
  2. Invite your client to your meeting by inputting their email address. This will send them a link followed by a passcode that they must enter to join the meeting. 
  3. Once your client joins the meeting, you’ll be able to share your screen, use your webcam and talk to them by using the meeting controls.

How to Share your Loan Comparison Report

If you prefer the document be sent as a PDF, follow the steps below:


  1. Click Download on the top right of the page.
  2. Select a language to export the report in: English or Spanish.
  3. Click the Download button to download the report in pdf format.

You can also share your report as a link or PDF with an optional video using the Send button at the top right hand corner of the screen.  

  1. Click Send in the top right corner of the page. 
  2. Add a custom message and the email addresses of your intended recipients (up to four).
  3. Add a video by clicking Add video from library. 
  4. Choose if you would like to use a one-time passcode to secure the report when sending. 
    • If you choose this option, a link to the report as well as a one-time code will be emailed to your client which will allow them access.
    • This option may not be available for all users due to corporate permission settings. 
  5. Press Send when you are finished. 

You may also have an option to copy a link to the report. We also provide you the option to email a copy of the report as a PDF via email

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Before sharing, you may need to make a quick edit to the report. You can do so by clicking the Edit button at the top right corner of the page.

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